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About Newt Crossing Community

How We Got Here
Jonathan and Eva bought the 17 acres of beautiful treed hillside that is Newt Crossing in the late 1990s, with every intention of creating a sustainability-focused community where families could raise their children and grow old together. Raising two boys and sharing the land with a variety of friends kept them busy, but the organizational structure to create legal sharing community was never present.

Vicki and Paul were always interested in joining Newt Crossing at some point in the future, but with careers in Seattle, the time had to be right.

All four founding members have extensive experience of traveling, visiting, and living in community. From cohousing in Denmark to Ashrams in India and communes in the US, from Findhorn to Songaia, they learned that life is richer in a community, that an underlying organization is necessary to make it work, that community takes many forms, and always takes patience

We are now at the point of forming that organization, and discovered that with the cohousing structure (legally: a condominium structure) there is a proven formula that works and gets the community built.

In early 2019 we reached out to Charles Durrett for a feasibility study. He came to Port Townsend in August 2019 and agreed that Newt Crossing has the potential that we have always seen in it. He walked the land and met with county officials.

The exciting thing about having The Cohousing Company onboard is that they have a formula that works. Having been part of over 55 functioning cohousing communities, their guidance can help Newt Crossing put the tasks before us in the right order so that we don't get bogged down in the minutia before setting up the structure to work on those details.

Newt Crossing currently has two homes and one large garage building which could become all or part of a center house.